Ten(10) Habits of Highly Successful People that are proven to work- Part 1

10 Habits of Highly Successful People

Have you ever wondered, what do the most Highly Successful People on the planet have in like manner? More than you might suspect, Success is a mentality, a training, and a finish of habits. Here are 10 habits of exceedingly Highly Successful and upbeat individuals. This rundown is motivated from business books and articles that i have read. Offer your considerations in the comment section!

1. Take Full Responsibilities for their life

Most highly successful people take full responsibilities for their life, they never complain nor do their blame others for their problems, they take responsibility for the all the good and the bad things that happen to them as they move on in life, they know that even though they can’t always control what happens to them, they can always control, how they respond to those events, they can choose to response in a positive and productive way. Because of this highly successful people are always optimistic for their future.

2. Prioritize and do the most important task first

Highly successful people know that the content of what they work on MATTERS. So it’s better to be Effective on the right tasks, than Efficient with the smaller, less meaningful tasks.

3. Create their own morning routines

Highly successful people create and early day morning routine. The key to super productive days is to start them right. Choose activities that energize and inspire you, see what daily tasks you can get out of the way early on, and build your morning around those tasks. I personally like to read an inspirational book/quote before kickstarting my day.

4. Make Health and Exercise a Priority

Research says that regular exercise and a healthy diet can lead to higher levels of productivity, happiness, motivation, and, not surprisingly, your ability to live longer. Successful people take care of their bodies because they know it affects all other areas of their life.

5. Read and Learn Continuously

Bill Gates reads 50 books a year.Warren Buffett reads 600-1000 pages a day. Elon Musk learned how to build rocket ships by reading books. But successful people don’t just read anything. They’re highly selective about what they read,so they usually choose knowledge and learning over entertaining books.

6. Discipline and Self-Control

Highly successful people know how to stay focused, Successful people know how to stay focused and do not fall for distractions. Their priorities are solid, and they keep their eyes on the goal.

7. Consistency

The most highly successful people are also extremely consistent. There’s so much power in consistency,because small consistent actions is how you build anything great. To practice your consistency, try doing something for 21 days straight. If you fall off, start the 21 days over again.The longer you can stay consistent at something, the more likely you will succeed at it.

8. Persist and Persevere

Highly successful people don’t give up easily. One thing I told myself before starting of with this blog of mine (toptenranksng.com) is that:

No matter how hard it is or how bad it gets, I’m going to make it!

That mindset seriously has helped me stay persistent in reaching my goals.

9.  Aren’t Afraid to Fail

Highly successful people aren’t afraid to fail, they know that failure is good, because failure is just a learning opportunity. it teaches you what doesn’t work, so you can try something else.
Now the last on my list for this first part series is

10. Gratitude

Tony Robbins says
Success without gratitude is the biggest failure of all.
Gratitude is the key to living a happy and successful life. Without it you will always be yearning for more, and more. With gratitude, you will know how wonderful your life already is, and be thankful for how far you have already come.


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